Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover in Baton Rouge, LA

Many women grapple with the physical changes that come along after pregnancy and childbirth. These may include anything from sagging breasts and excess abdominal skin to stubborn fat deposits in areas they never imagined. The adverse changes may sometimes dent a woman’s self-confidence and sense of femininity. However, a Mommy makeover can be a transformative experience. This procedure is tailored to address post-pregnancy challenges and help restore not just the body, but also a woman’s self-esteem and identity.

At the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, our doctors provide this comprehensive cosmetic solution to women of Baton Rouge and neighboring Louisiana cities, including New Orleans, Denham Springs, Hammond, Shenandoah, and beyond. Our plastic surgeon employs state-of-the-art techniques to guarantee satisfactory results while prioritizing your safety and wellbeing.

Is a mommy makeover for me?

A Mommy Makeover, technically referred to as a postpartum body contouring procedure, offers a combination of surgical treatments tailored to address post-pregnancy body changes. Our plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge aim to achieve enhanced breasts, a toned abdomen, and the removal of stubborn fat, among other individualized goals, to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy physique.

You may be an ideal candidate for a Mommy makeover if you:

  • Are in good general health and maintain a stable weight.
  • Have experienced breast sagging or volume loss post-childbirth.
  • Possess excess skin or stretch marks on the abdomen.
  • Struggle with localized fat deposits that don’t respond to diet or exercise.
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcome.

During your Mommy makeover consultation at the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, your comfort is our topmost priority. Our surgeon will engage in a candid conversation to understand your concerns. You’ll have the opportunity to voice any questions or uncertainties, which will be addressed comprehensively. Based on this discussion and a thorough examination, the surgeon will curate a treatment regimen that is best suited to your unique aesthetic goals.

Mommy Makeover Procedures

A Mommy Makeover is a comprehensive approach to rejuvenating a woman’s body following pregnancy and childbearing. This set of procedures is tailored to the unique needs of each patient to ensure optimal results. A typical Mommy Makeover at the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge may include:

  • Breast Augmentation – this treatment aims to enhance the size and shape of the breasts.
  • Breast Lift (Mastopexy) – a breast lift raises sagging breasts and rejuvenates their youthful position and contour.
  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – abdominoplasty is a procedure to remove excess skin and tighten weakened abdominal muscles – thus creating a smoother and firmer abdominal profile.
  • Liposuction – removes stubborn fat deposits from various parts of the body like the thighs, hips, and abdomen.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation – restores the structure and function of the vaginal area after childbirth.
  • Stretch Mark Treatment – utilizes various techniques to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Remember, the specific procedures you might undergo will be determined based on your individual needs and the recommendations of our skilled surgeons.

Procedure Approach

The Mommy Makeover, tailored to each woman’s unique needs, involves a sequence of surgical interventions. During the procedure, general anesthesia will be administered to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. The surgeon then begins with the abdominal region, performing a tummy tuck by removing excess skin and tightening weakened muscles. Concurrently, liposuction may be executed on targeted areas to sculpt and contour the body. The breast augmentation or lift follows, where implants might be inserted or the breasts reshaped to restore their youthful firmness. If vaginal rejuvenation is part of the plan, it’s usually performed toward the end of the procedure. Our plastic surgeons employ meticulous techniques to minimize incision marks (aiming for subtle scars that can be easily concealed). The entire Mommy Makeover surgery can span from 3 to 6 hours depending on the combination of procedures chosen.


Initial recovery usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks – during which swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort can be expected. You will be required to wear compression garments on treated areas to promote healing and reduce swelling,. Gentle walks are recommended from the second-day post-surgery to boost circulation, but strenuous activities and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least 6 weeks. Residual swelling and changes in sensation can persist for a few months as the body continues to heal. Scheduled follow-up visits at the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge are imperative to monitor healing progress and ensure that no complications arise. Most women find they can gradually return to their regular routine within 6 to 8 weeks. However, it’s vital to listen to your body and the guidance of our surgical team to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

Cost of Mommy Makeover in Baton Rouge

The cost of a Mommy Makeover in Baton Rouge is influenced by various factors, including the extent of procedures performed, anesthesia fees, facility costs, and post-operative care. On average, most of our patients at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge can expect to pay between $10,000 and $20,000 (though this range can fluctuate based on individual needs). Mommy makeovers are generally not covered by health insurance policies, so you’ll need to make plans for financing.

Schedule Your Mommy Makeover in Baton Rouge

Having your body undergo changes post-pregnancy can sometimes diminish confidence. The Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge transforms those feelings, rejuvenating your figure and boosting your self-assurance. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, recognized leaders in their field, have successfully sculpted countless bodies with the Mommy makeover. We are here to ensure you’re in the best hands – and your desired silhouette is just an appointment away.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

How soon after childbirth can I have a Mommy makeover?

You need to give your body ample time to recover after childbirth. We usually recommend that you wait at least 6 months after giving birth or after you’ve stopped breastfeeding. During your consultation at the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, our experts will evaluate your health and recommend the best timing for you.

Will I still be able to have children after a Mommy makeover?

Yes, having a Mommy makeover doesn’t affect your ability to get pregnant or deliver a child. However, it’s worth noting that future pregnancies can alter the results of your makeover. We typically recommend that you consider the procedure when you’re done having children.

How long should I wait after weight loss to get a Mommy makeover?

It’s advisable to wait until you’ve achieved a stable weight for at least six months before undergoing a Mommy makeover. At Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, we emphasize ensuring that you’re in the best health possible to maximize the longevity and quality of your results.

Are there any non-surgical treatments that can be combined with a Mommy makeover?

Yes, many of our patients at the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge choose to complement their surgical procedures with non-surgical treatments like Botox, fillers, or skin rejuvenation therapies. Our experts will discuss all available options and recommend treatments that can enhance your overall results.

Will my scars be visible after the Mommy makeover?

Our board-certified plastic surgeons employ advanced techniques to place incisions in discreet locations, minimizing visibility. With proper aftercare and time, scars will fade significantly. We also offer advice on scar management to further ensure they heal optimally.