Labiaplasty in Baton Rouge, LA

Excessively large or mishappen labia (vaginal lips) can cause physical discomfort, self-consciousness, or functional issues. These challenges may affect daily activities, intimate relationships, and even the choice of clothing. Labiaplasty, a surgical procedure that reshapes the labia minora and/or labia majora, is often an excellent solution for these concerns.

Our doctors at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge offer this cosmetic surgery to women in Baton Rouge and surrounding Louisiana cities of New Orleans, Denham Springs, Hammond, and Shenandoah. The plastic surgeon employs advanced techniques to ensure the best possible vaginal reshaping outcomes while also safeguarding your well-being.

Am I a good candidate for labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty – also referred to as labial reduction or labial reshaping – is a surgical procedure that aims to alter the labia minora and/or labia majora. Plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge work to achieve a more balanced appearance, reduce discomfort from oversized labia, and restore self-confidence with this treatment.

You may be a good candidate for labiaplasty if you:

  • Are in good physical and emotional health
  • Experience physical discomfort during daily activities or exercise due to enlarged labia
  • Feel self-conscious or embarrassed about the appearance of your labia
  • Have asymmetrical labia that you wish to correct
  • Wish to restore the appearance of your labia following childbirth or aging

During your labiaplasty consultation at the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, your surgeon will take time to familiarize with your concerns. He’ll also answer your questions and recommend an appropriate treatment regimen tailored to your individual needs and desires. Our goal is to ensure that you leave the consultation feeling confident and clear about the process ahead.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Choosing to have a labiaplasty comes with certain benefits:

  • Improved Comfort – reduce oversized labia that may cause discomfort during physical activities or wearing certain clothing.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics – create a more symmetrical and balanced appearance of the labia.
  • Increased Confidence – boost self-esteem by addressing concerns related to the appearance of the labia.
  • Restoration after Childbirth or Aging – rejuvenate the appearance of the labia following changes due to childbirth or aging.

Procedure Approach

Your labiaplasty experience begins with an initial consultation where your specific needs and goals are evaluated. On the day of the surgery, the surgical area is cleaned and marked to guide the incisions. Local or general anesthesia is administered to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Precise incisions are made to trim excess tissue and reshape the labia, while preserving the natural appearance and sensation. These incisions are then carefully closed with dissolvable sutures. Our plastic surgeon employs advanced techniques to minimize the risk of extensive scarring and to create a natural, aesthetically pleasing outcome. The procedure usually takes about 1 to 2 hours to perform, and most patients are allowed to go home the same day.


Following your labiaplasty in Baton Rouge, you can expect the treated area to be tender and swollen (especially over the first few days). Your doctor will provide specific instructions for care that may include gentle cleansing, wearing loose, comfortable clothing, and avoiding strenuous activities. Vaginal reshaping patients are typically able to return to non-strenuous work within a week and resume regular activities within 4 to 6 weeks. Follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor your healing process and to ensure that recovery is progressing as expected. It’s essential to follow your plastic surgeon’s recommendations closely, as this will help reduce any risks and contribute to a satisfactory outcome.

Cost of Labiaplasty in Baton Rouge

The cost of labiaplasty cosmetic surgery in Baton Rouge varies greatly from one patient to the other based on factors such as the surgeon’s experience, the complexity of the procedure, and anesthesia fees. On average, however, most of our patients at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge can expect to pay in the range of $3,000 to $6,000. Labiaplasty is considered to be an elective cosmetic treatment and is typically not covered by health insurers. During your initial labiaplasty consultation in Baton Rouge, our dedicated plastic surgery team will provide an individualized cost so you can make plans for financing.

Schedule Your Labiaplasty Consultation in Baton Rouge

Our board-certified plastic surgeons understand your unique needs and strive to achieve the results you desire. By choosing the Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, you’re opting for state-of-the-art techniques, personalized care, and a team committed to your wellbeing. Trust us to turn your vision into reality and make your labiaplasty experience comfortable and rewarding. Join countless Louisiana who have received their vaginal reshaping treatment at our center.

Labiaplasty FAQs

How will I know which technique is best for my labiaplasty?

The best technique for your labiaplasty depends on your individual needs and desired outcomes. During your initial consultation at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, our plastic surgeons will evaluate your specific situation and recommend the most suitable technique for you.

How long is the recovery after a labiaplasty?

Recovery times can vary, but most of our patients at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge begin to feel better within a week. Our team will provide you with detailed care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery, and we’re available to address any concerns you may have.

Is labiaplasty covered by insurance?

Generally, labiaplasty is considered an elective cosmetic treatment and is typically not covered by health insurers. Our team at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge will work closely with you to provide an individualized cost estimate during your initial consultation visit.

Will labiaplasty leave noticeable scars?

Scarring is a common concern, but our skilled surgeons at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge employ advanced techniques to minimize visible scarring. Over time, any minimal scarring that does occur typically fades and becomes less noticeable.